Leichardt Plumbing Custom Truck Body

Location: Leichardt, Sydney

custom truck body for Leichardt plumbing

Leichhardt Plumbing is now fully equipped to tackle any job, big or small, throughout Sydney with their custom truck body, expertly supplied and installed by the professional aluminium fabricators at Pacific Bodyworks. This collaboration has resulted in a vehicle that combines functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, tailored to meet the specific needs of Leichhardt Plumbing.

Custom Truck Body Features:

Large Roller Shutter Doors:

    • Passenger and Driver’s Sides: Equipped with two large roller shutter doors on both sides, providing full access throughout the truck. This design allows for flexible storage configurations and the easy transportation of large items.

Rear Pull-Out Trundle Drawer:

    • Extra Long: The custom truck body features an extra-long rear pull-out trundle drawer, offering additional storage space and easy access to tools and equipment.

Gas-Lift Rear Door Opening:

    • This feature ensures smooth and effortless opening of the rear door, enhancing accessibility and convenience during operations.

Roof-Mounted Racks and Storage Compartment:

    • Long Items and Equipment: The roof-mounted racks and storage compartment are ideal for storing and transporting long items, pipes, and other essential equipment, maximizing the utility of the truck’s upper space.

Rear Door Ladder:

    • Ease of Access: A ladder fitted to the rear door facilitates easy access to the rooftop storage, ensuring safety and efficiency when retrieving or storing items.

Undercarriage Drawers:

    • Additional Storage: Two undercarriage drawers on both the passenger and driver’s sides provide extra storage for tools and items, keeping the interior organized and clutter-free.

This custom truck body is ready to be adorned with some company branding to put the cherry on top! If you’re in the plumbing trade and require a truck body that’s customised to your own specific requirements ,then contact our qualified team today for a quote. The Pacific Bodyworks workshop is conveniently located in Sydney’s West at Wetherill Park.